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Ali Budi

Alibudi, known as Ali The Beat, began to love dance music when he listened to original soundtrack of ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and watched its dancing scene in 1977. He started his journey in the world of dance floor at Ebony, Le Mirage, Earthquake, in a young age and watched veteran DJs like Jockey Saputra, Kitting Lee, Max Don playing a genre which today is called Classic Disco.

 In 2000, he participated in a team that produced music tracks, Funkot (Funky Kota), under the label of Hot Mix until 2005. He expanded his range of music by creating a compilation of CD Clubhoppers.

 In the middle of 2001, he got interested in a media. He joined a media called The Beat which theme was nightlife. Having a long time career in The Beat, he stayed there until February 2017 and moved to Dancesignal.

 His record as a judge in various competitions:


                     2007 – A judge in Heineken Thirst Competition

                     2011 – A judge in Ravelex Campus DJ Competition

                     2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 – A judge in Juri Paranoia Awards

                     2012 – A judge in Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Awards (REDMA)

                     2012 – A judge in DJ Festival 

                     2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 -  A judge in Dinero’$ DJ Hunt

                     2014 – A judge in Pioneer DJ Competition

                     2015 – A judge in Pioneer DJ Competition 

                     2015 – A judge in DWP DJ Hunt

                     2016 – PDJI DJ Competition

                     2016 – Lifetime Achievement Paranoia Awards

                     2017 – Judge Team of Djanemag Top 20 Indonesia